Friday, January 8, 2016

Fighter Abs 2.0 Report

fighter abs 2.0 review
As the saying goes "if you want to look like a fighter you have to train like one". Fighter Abs delivers just that, an ab workout and fat loss program makes nonsense of regular fitness programs an is focused on training with a fighter end perspective. This is not the usual crunches and sit ups rehashed blueprint, it makes a clean swipe of conventional methods and gives you the same blueprint used by pro boxing and Muay Thai champions to get their real, functional and terrific looking six pack abs.

According to Health Magazine you would need to do 22,000 crunches just to burn 1 pound of fat. Not a very effective route to a sculpted stomach. Traditional sit ups are also a sure fire way to back injury. What about cardio? It makes sense to burn off fat first before the abs can even begin to show, right? Not so, you will soon keep running into marathon treadmill sessions and give up.

Fighters know what works and what does not because they train for real life, fighting fitness. They are getting punched over and over in their stomach and they have to use their abs and obliques as the core, pivotal body parts where all the forces of their bodies go through, from kicking to punching, from feet to fists. These are the movements that create fighter abs, super strong and resilient, this is the reason you always see fighters with ripped bodies.

Fighter Abs is designed around a 3 Phase Formula to target stomach fat, just genuine fighters need to do:

The Foundation Phase designed around full body workouts that will begin to flatten your stomach and boost your fat burning T4 and T3 hormones.

Abs Revealing Phase – Minimalist ab workouts that just fighters use. As implied in the name, you will start seeing your abs showing up, which will give you an incredible motivational boost.

The Perfection Phase – This stage focuses on the lower, stubborn ab fat with a view to a final 6 pack showcase. These workouts are very hard in order to further shape your midsection and prevent plateaus. You will learn alll the information through complete guides and video training.